Our livelihoods depend on people nourished in body and spirit. We need to enhance the safety net of services to prevent hungry children, hungry adults and hungry elders.
Our food bank has seen record numbers of visits in the past year.

In my 16 years of service as a Naturopathic physician, I use my ability to hear almost any complex and multifaceted problem, research the possible pathways to health, strategize simple step by step solutions to a larger plan and follow through to resolution. This is a needed skill set to serve on the City Council.

Our community's health has many facets. 
After housing, environmental concerns like the waterfront cleanup, storm water cleaning and protection of our water source, Lake Whatcom, are our next focus. Without adequate clean and safe water, we all suffer.
We need to adequately assess our air, brown fields, and existing clean up sites for ongoing contamination. We need to be cautious with any commercial use of our assets without compensation.

My 15 years of service to the Gluten-Free community has developed my skill to educate and inform others on the consequences of tiny actions, as well as communicating the hows, whys and wheres to people worldwide.

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