Our community needs jobs:
Great paying, long term, family wage jobs that don't create environmental hazards in our beautiful area.

Yes, just like the rest of our nation. It is a complex problem facing many towns and communities throughout our country.

We have industries that can expand or bring these jobs to the area, innovative industries like solar, wind and water energy, hemp production, and internet dependent creative fields.

We know we have the brainpower to do this. We need the desire to move the direction of our community to clean, green, modern jobs.
Our students need to learn the thinking skills for these innovative jobs.

Source : World Economic Forum 

Our challenge is to bring these 21st century skills to the younger students in elementary, middle and high schools.

We can focus those newly earned skills on a single project, Our Waterfront. Ask the next generation what do they want to see there.

How best do we develop it for the future?

Our slowly moving plan to develop has stretched on without having a solid point of reference to the future. Let's build the trails and park first, give the site access back to the people who own it and see what can be.

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