We need homes

Homes for the unhoused,
Homes for the unstably housed people, grateful to be on a couch or floor of a friend.
Homes for the students who attend our colleges and universities.
Homes for the long term residents, rapidly being priced out by our booming demand or their tax assessments.

We need homes for families, couples and single adults. Even as demand grows, we must insist that the true costs of construction be carried by the people who are making the money from that development or rue the tax increases necessary to provide for basic needs for service.

For too long, our existing residents have been footing the bill for increased development costs. Those long term costs from the increased densities required exist for schools, fire, police, roads and so many more essential services. Only the impact fees assessed at the time of construction are paid directly. Otherwise all needed infrastructure for new developments are included in property tax assessments.
Only by requiring these costs to be paid by the beneficiaries, are they truly handled equitably.

If you would like more specific thoughts about aspects of housing, follow through these posts.