Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Lake Whatcom Reservoir - Questions asked in Endorsements

8. What strategy do you think is missing when it comes to protecting and restoring the water quality in the Lake Whatcom Reservoir?
We need to get motorboats off of our reservoir  to eliminate engine oil and fuel contamination both from use and from refueling.
We need to stop possible exposure to aquatic pests when boats are moved between water sources.The inspection process is too expensive to maintain and does not see every boat. There are other launches into our reservoir than Bloedel, all under County control.
The increase in Asian Clam contamination in Lake Whatcom will directly affect our water quality as mitigation treatment increases.

We need to ban fertilizer use in the drainage area to the lake, including banning sales in the City, and work with the County to ban sales county wide.

We need to carefully control logging and the resulting hillside flow of phosphorus from loose soil.